What's available in England

Apprenticeships are divided into two levels. In England they are known as Intermediate Level Apprenticeships (Level 2) and Advanced Level Apprenticeships (Level 3).

An Intermediate Level Apprenticeship is an introductory framework aimed at those just entering the industry and wanting to gain the basic skills needed for further development. It is the minimum standard required to work effectively in a business.

An Advanced Level Apprenticeship is the target level for anyone wanting to be a truly proficient professional in their chosen field. It expands upon the basic skills gained at Intermediate Level and is aimed at those wishing to enter the top level of their profession or go on to become managers and owners. People who have been in the industry for some time but are looking to update or accredit their skills can also take it.

Apprenticeships are available in the following areas:

Industry Level
Hairdressing Intermediate Level and Advanced Level
Barbering Intermediate Level and Advanced Level
Beauty Therapy Intermediate Level and Advanced Level
Nail Services Intermediate Level and Advanced Level
SpaTherapy Advanced Level

An apprentice is entitled to £2.60 per hour if they are under 19 or over 19 and in the first year of their Apprenticeship. After that they are entitled to the full minimum wage rate. Many employers choose to pay more than this.

Other costs, including the cost of training, are met by your local funding body. If the apprentice is aged 16-18 years old, you will receive 100 per cent of the cost of the training; if they are 19-24 years old, you will receive up to 50 per cent; if they are 25 years old or over you may only get a contribution depending on the sector and area in which you operate. Your local funding body will also help you to keep paperwork to a minimum.
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