Laser and IPL BookletThere has been an enormous growth in demand for intense pulsed light and laser treatments in the past few years.    Habia has produced a booklet designed to give you a no-nonsense, straightforward guidance, as well as advice on the application of the Care Standards Act to beauty salons.  

The booklet will help ensure your salon has the competent and knowledgeable staff needed to tap into this growth market and perform intense pulsed light and laser treatments with safety and confidence.  

Download Safe Use of Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light Equipment.
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Code of Practice - Nail ServicesCode of Practice - Nail Services
Author: Habia
Reference: DOC-79
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Brand New - Health and Safety Pocket Guide Brand New - Health and Safety Pocket Guide
Author: Habia
Reference: DOC-100
Price: £2.99

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