Here are some simple steps you can put in place to ensure you are running a safe and healthy salon.

1. Prepare a health and safety policy for your business or better still ask about the Habia health and safety manual. Written specifically for your industry, the manual will guide you through all health and safety legislation applicable to your salon. (Available online at or telephone Emma Robinson on 01302 774927).

2. Arrange to have all your electrical appliances tested by a competent person. This will ensure your appliances are in safe working order and may assist in reducing your insurance premiums.

3. Assess all the chemical products used in your salon and determine any safety risks associated with each product. All staff should be trained on safe working practices.

4. Introduce steps to prevent dermatitis. Use vinyl or nitrile gloves, introduce good hand care routines and use a good moisturiser.

5. Check that all your fire exits and route ways are clear from obstruction and appropriately signed.

6. Good ventilation will reduce problems associated with products used in the salon. Preparation and work areas may require additional mechanical ventilation.

7. Restock your first aid kit. Each salon should have an appointed person who takes responsibility for checking the kit on a regular basis and is also responsible for recording any incidents in the salon.

8. Salon hygiene is essential not only for health and safety purposes but also to attract and retain clients. Hair clippings should be regularly swept, dusty surfaces cleansed and work equipment washed and disinfected/sterilised as appropriate.

9. All work areas must be well lit and fit for purpose. Check your lighting throughout the salon is adequate and well maintained.

10. Employees must be given access to suitable and clean WC facilities, with a wash hand basin, hot and cold water supply, adequate supply of soap and drying facilities.

11. Train all staff in health and safety practices and principles. This training should be refreshed whenever necessary. A little investment in time now will be rewarded in the future.

12. Apply for a Habia Health and Safety Award. Habia work in partnership with local authorities to reward salons who illustrate good health and safety practices. For more information visit or telephone Emma Robinson on 01302 774927.
Health and Safety Products
Code of Practice - WaxingCode of Practice - Waxing
Author: Habia
Reference: DOC-80
Price: £4.99

Health and Safety Full Consultancy and PolicyHealth and Safety Full Consultancy and Policy
Author: Habia
Reference: ZZ-CONSULTANCY - H&S - 1
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Stay within the law, and show clients and staff you take their welfare seriously.

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Protect business and clients
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You can be recognised for good health and safety, boosting your reputation.

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Learn how to protect your health, your staff, your business, your clients and your reputation.

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