Learning Support Units

LSUsHealth and Safety Learning Support Units
Unit G1- Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety gives clear trainer guidance for the delivery of health and safety knowledge. The units include everything you need: lessons, guides tests, handouts, overheads, step-by-steps, activities plus much more.

The G1 unit features in the following areas:

Hairdressing Support Units
G1 - Level 1
G1-  Level 2
G1 - Level 3  

Beauty Therapy and Spa Support Units
G1 - Level 1
G1 - Level 2
G1 - Level 3

Nail Services Support Unit
G1 - Level 2 

Barbering Learning Support Unit
G1- Level 1 

Click here to download the Dermatitis Learning Support Unit 
Health and Safety Products
Health & Safety Pack for Beauty and NailsHealth & Safety Pack for Beauty and Nails
Author: Habia
Reference: DOC-39
Price: £99.00

Health & Safety Pack for Beauty and Nails - DownloadHealth & Safety Pack for Beauty and Nails - Download
Author: Habia
Reference: DL-39
Price: £90.00

Why we need itWhy we need it
Stay within the law, and show clients and staff you take their welfare seriously.

Why it's important
Protect business and clients
Your responsibility 
Risk AvoidanceRisk avoidance
Learn how to protect your health, your staff, your business, your clients and your reputation.

Bad Hand Day

Habia has a range of support materials to make health and safety work for your business – many free.

Lasers and IPL
Nail guidance
Codes of Practice