Hand Protection
Hand protectionYou can avoid long-term damage to your hands with just a few simple steps:
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals and excess wet work (more than two hours per day or more than twenty times a day)
  • Wear single-use gloves (vinyl or nitrile types with smooth surface and 300mm length are suitable) when using hairdressing products such as shampoo, dyes and bleaches and for work with hands in water
  • Moisturise - apply hand cream before starting work and each time you wash your hands.  Allowing skin to dry up can lead to dermatitis
  • Dry your hands thoroughly after washing using a soft cotton or paper towel
  • Throw away single-use gloves every time you take them off and change between clients

Check your skin regularly for any signs of dryness and cracking which are early signs of dermatitis and, if necessary, seek medical advice.
Health and Safety Products
DISCONTINUED Code of Practice - Nail ServicesDISCONTINUED Code of Practice - Nail Services
Author: Habia
Reference: DOC-79
Price: £4.99

Full Policy CheckFull Policy Check
Author: Habia
Reference: ZZ-CONSULTANCY - H&S - 5
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Making it easyMaking it easy
Health and safety shouldn't be a worry - it can even make running a businesss easier!    

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Habia has a range of support materials to make health and safety work for your business – many free.

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