Bad Hand Day
Bad Hand DayTake part in our Bad Hand Day campaign survey
Since taking over the national Bad Hand Day campaign which aims to increase awareness of dermatitis in the hairdressing industry, Habia is looking to increase the support it gives to hairdressers.

To improve resources for the campaign we are asking training providers, suppliers, freelancers and environmental health officers to complete a very short questionnaire on the Habia website.
To take part, simply choose the link which applies to you in the list below and click. The first 10 entries will receive a free Trevor Sorbie book. 

Questionnaire for Training Providers

Questionnaire for Suppliers

Questionnaire for Freelancers

Questionnaire for Environmental Health Officers

About Bad Hand Day

The aim ofthe Bad Hand Day campaign is to reduce the incidence of dermatitis in the hairdressing industry, reduce the number of reports of work-related dermatitis in salons, encourage clients to expect their hairdresser to wear gloves for any chemical /wet work and educating managers on how best they manage the condition with their staff.

Launched by HSE in November 2006 ,in partnership with Habia and Health and Safety Laboratories (HSL), the National Hairdressers' Federation (NHF), and Lacors (Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services), to encourage the use of gloves by hairdressers in salons the campaign has received wide spread recognition throughout the industry from salons, colleges, suppliers and manufacturers alike. Habia officially took over the campaign in November 2009.

Now in its fourth year the lead for the campaign has been handed over to Habia to continue the support and encouragement to the hairdressing sector.

Wendy Nixon said: Bad Hand Day has, in a few short years, already put dermatitis at the top of the agenda for many in the hairdressing industry, both in terms of looking after their own health and safety and protecting their staff. Dermatitis is so easy to prevent, and Habia will be working to continue the great progress already made by HSE in raising awareness of the condition and offering authoritative and relevant guidance for hairdressers.
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