What to look for
What to look forTrying to find a salon? Want to know how good their practices are? Let Habia guide you through a minefield of questions.

Is it safe? If the salon displays a current health and safety award certificate, you can be assured that they are implementing and following safe working practices on site. The Habia health and safety membership certificate will also demonstrate their commitment to ensuring their practices are continually reviewed and up to date.

Is it hygienic? Your first glance around the salon will ensure you if it is clean.  Check floors, surfaces and always feel confident about asking the stylist/therapist about their disinfection/sterilisation procedures. They will be happy to talk you through it. Most salons use fluid disinfectants which are held in glass jars. These should be regularly changed and should appear transparent. All equipment should be washed to remove debris prior to placing in the disinfectant. If it looks dark, murky or there is evidence of dirt/hair/debris in the solution it will not be effective.

You will also get a good feeling from looking at the way the staff present themselves.

Are there any risks? You will find risks present in all walks of life however it is down to the salon owner and staff to ensure that risks in the salon are minimised. Poor housekeeping, trailing wires and tripping hazards are a good indication that all is not well. The salon should be well lit, free of tripping/sliping hazards and all equipment must be in good repair. Check that exits are not blocked and electrical equipment has been tested (this is usually indicated by dated stickers on the appliances) and equipment is in good working order (check for breakages, exposed wires and cleanliness). Staff should also receive a thorough consultation with the stylist/therapist prior to treatment to determine any contraindications and ensure the treatment meets their expectations.
Health and Safety Products
Health and Safety Pack for HairdressingHealth and Safety Pack for Hairdressing
Author: Habia
Reference: DOC-38
Price: £99.00

COSHH BookletCOSHH Booklet
Author: A Guide to the H&S of Salon Hair Products
Reference: BK-28
Price: £1.50

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