If it does go wrong......
If it goes wrong If you have visited a salon and the service has not been to your satisfaction, you have the right to revisit and discuss the outcome with the salon owner. Often issues are very easily resolved with minimum effort. If however you are still not satisfied there may be other courses of action you can take.

If you are concerned regarding business practice Habia may be able to assist by providing information/guidance on best practice standards.

If you feel you have been mis-sold a service/treatment, or it did not live up to its description, contact your local Trading Standards office or visit your local Citizen Advice Bureau.

If a treatment has gone wrong and you have been injured or your health has been affected as a consequence, contact your local Environmental Health Officer.
Health and Safety Products
COSHH BookletCOSHH Booklet
Author: A Guide to the H&S of Salon Hair Products
Reference: BK-28
Price: £1.50

Brand New - Health and Safety Pocket Guide Brand New - Health and Safety Pocket Guide
Author: Habia
Reference: DOC-100
Price: £2.99

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You can be recognised for good health and safety, boosting your reputation.

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Ask questions, speak to salon staff, and or talk directly with health and safety professionals.

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