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We often receive enquiries regarding ventilation in salons.  The general rule is to make optimum use of natural ventilation where possible.  However, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines recommend at least five air changes per hour.  Where is cannot be achieved naturally, mechanical ventilation must be installed.

It is essential that adequate ventilation is provided to both salon and preparation areas where chemicals may be handled. 

More information is available from the HSE by following this link.

Nail Salons
Nail salons and bars are sometimes the source of complaints due to nuisance odours.  If you are running a busy nail salon ensure that you have sufficient general ventilation, alongside local exhaust ventilation in the direct working area.  Odours will be minimised by best practice and further guidance can be found in the Habia Code of Practice for Nail Services.

Further information is available from the HSE by following this link.
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