Strand 1: HSA On-Line Academy and Website

    Status: in development

    The HSA on-line academy and website will be the hub linking all the components of the academy, across the UK.

    It will be a portal to e-learning materials; it will point learners and employers to their nearest excellent source of education for particular subjects; it will deliver information in new and exciting ways, enabling learners and employers to find their way through the maze of initiatives, learning programmes, qualifications and funding sources.

    Learners will be able to explore career pathways, browse text books from a range of publishers, assess their current skill levels and develop a training plan.

    Salon and spa owners will be able to get an objective check on their business skills and be offered solutions to address gaps in marketing, business planning, and client care.

    There will also be access to sources of advice through web links and shared programmes; information about sponsor organisations and partners, and much more.

    Employers will be able to conduct on-line Training Needs Analyses and identify solutions to meet the needs they identify.

    Development process:

    1. Design specification
    2. Research and collate information from other work strands (see below) and other sources 
    3. Build site 
    4. Test
    5. Launch
    6. Maintain and refresh with regular updates

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    DVDs, Step by Steps, Text books and the widest range of hair and beauty learning materials

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