1. How will the HSA be funded?

    Funding and support to establish the academy will be derived from VTCT as the founder sponsor, a range of sponsors for specific strands of work, charges for participation and allocation in cash and in kind from Habia surplus on its commercial activities. The aim is that the academy becomes financially self sustaining in its fourth year.

    2. Why are VTCT sponsoring the HSA?

    As the specialist awarding organisation for the hair and beauty sector, VTCT decided to become the founder sponsor of the HSA as a way of reinvesting back into the hair and beauty sector, and in particular, in the educators of the next generation of stylists, nail techs and therapists. The VTCT sponsorship will cover the start up and core costs of the HSA, with the aim of the HSA becoming self financing for its ongoing activities by its fourth year.

    3. Why can't Habia fund the Skills Academy itself?

    Habia does not have the funding to make the step change needed to undertake the actions highlighted by the sector in the Sector Qualifications Strategy Action Plans. In the current economic climate grant funding from Government has been significantly cut. This means that the surplus from Habia commercial activities has to be spread further and further over activities which previously might have been Government funded but now aren't, but are needed to address sector skill needs.

    4. Can centres approved by other awarding bodies take part in the HSA?

    Yes - participation is open to all learning providers and their staff, whether they are linked with VTCT or to one of the other awarding bodies in the hair and beauty sector.

    5. Can other organisations become sponsors?

    Yes - we welcome involvement of other sponsors to support the work of the HSA. In particular, we would like to be able to offer bursaries to cover or contribute to the cost of the educator cascade training places to enable as many educators as possible to participate. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities click here [Link to the "How to get involved" page]