The first and most obvious question that anyone should ask when looking for training is, "What's the benefit?"

The first and most obvious answer is increased staff expertise, allowing you or your business to offer new treatments whilst keeping up to date with changes in equipment, treatments, qualifications and client demand.

The second major benefit is that it can help with staff retention and motivation. A place on a course can be a welcome day away from the hustle and bustle, especially if gained as a reward for performance. This has the combined effect of offering an incentive to staff whilst improving their motivation.

Similarly, supporting staff development improves enthusiasm and morale. Whilst your business benefits from their improved skills, staff feel they are being nurtured and developed. This can improve loyalty to the business and give staff a greater sense of responsibility for their own careers and training, particularly useful for those that may be feeling jaded, stuck in a rut or considering leaving.

Finally, there is the opportunity to meet with other industry professionals. This is important in small organisations where certain members of staff may be the only ones performing their specific job role. Meeting with and speaking to other professionals in the same role allows them to let off steam, as well as share problems and solutions. This benefit is just as important to managers as it is to junior staff.

After all, most salons only have one manager.