Centres of Expertise is a national network of learning providers delivering high quality programmes.

The UK hair and beauty sector is globally renowned for its level of expertise in delivery, training and standards. Open to all centres - regardless of which Awarding Organisation they work with - Centres of Expertise recognises those training providers delivering the very highest level of learning in the hair and beauty sector.

Colleges, centres, manufacturers and employers that are accredited as a Centre of Expertise will have proven they have successfully met and maintained rigorous assessment criteria - criteria that has been developed and agreed by Habia (the government recognised industry authority and sector skills body for the hair and beauty sector), in consultation with employers, educators and industry associations.

The criteria includes excellent technical skills; developing and maintaining high quality staff and facilities; and the delivery and content of training programmes. Only Centres of Expertise which have successfully met and maintained the criteria and pass a monitoring site visit by an industry assessor will be recognised.

It's no idle boast - HSA Centres of Expertise are the best of the best.

They are the training providers that go the extra mile in what they offer to employers and learners, and have strong links with local schools and businesses.

For further information about the Centres of Expertise or to discuss making an application please email us at coe@habia.org or telephone 0845 2 306080.

To download the Centres of Expertise presentation please click here