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    • Learning Pathways 14-19 - developing young people for employment
      • Learning Pathways 14-19 aims to provide young people with a mix of academic and vocation courses to help them gain the skills that employers need and gain recognition for those skills. Businesses can get involved in the 14-19 Networks which are responsible for a range of programmes based on the local needs of the region to provide input, liaise with training providers and offer high-quality work experience.

    • Work Based Learning Pathways
      • Learners on the Work Based Learning Pathways study the core National Curriculum subjects as well as qualifications in a vocational area. They learn through a mixture of classroom lessons, practical training and work experience. Teachers, businesses and educators share responsibility for the learning. They work together in a partnership of different organisations which can include schools, colleges, training providers and employers. Currently the Work Based Learning Pathway is not available for hair and beauty.

    • Work Based Learning (WBL) Contracts
      • A Work Based Learning (WBL) contract is a legally binding contract that is agreed between the Welsh Ministers and a contracted WBL provider, who has gained a contract following the Project Secure 2 Work Based Learning tendering process. Contracts are issued on annually on an academic year basis. They are awarded for the period 1 August to 31 July the following year. A provider agrees to provide the WBL programme on the terms and subject to the conditions set out in the contract.

    Training Information in Wales

    If you are an employer looking for funding or training for yourself or your employees, these organisations, agencies and initiatives may be able to help.

    • Welsh Assembly Government
      • Offers a free diagnostic service and free training advice from qualified and quality-audited advisor. Provides help to develop staff in a planned way, and includes making training arrangements.

    • Work-based Learning
      • Includes traineeships, Apprenticeships and modern skills diplomas for staff. Combine work and provider-based training from basic skills level to NVQs. Training is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

    • Free Skills Review
      • Free Skills Review is a free skills diagnostic of your business carried out by the Welsh Assembly Government to understand your training needs, identifying weaknesses and strengths. An advisor then prepares a training plan for your business and helps you source an approved training provider. The service is free.

    • Young Recruits Programme
      • If you haven't taken on an apprentice in the past, or are willing to take on more apprentices than you ordinarily would, the Welsh Assembly Government can offer a £50 a week wage subsidy for twelve months.

    • Work based training
      • Provides your staff with the chance to learn new skills on the job, following national frameworks and working towards recognised qualifications. May involve part-time study but mostly completed in the workplace. All work-based training options are subsidised by the Welsh Assembly Government.

    • Basic Skills Cymru
      • Basic Skills Cymru is the Welsh Assembly Government's strategy to help children and adults in Wales who struggle with basic literacy and numeracy. Courses and funding are available to make sure staff have these skills.

    • Employer pledge
      • Aims to reduce the number of adults with poor literacy and/or numeracy skills through the help of employers. Signing the Pledge demonstrates an employer's commitment to improving the literacy, language and numeracy of their workforce. Support is given to businesses who hold the Basic Skills post-16 Quality Mark/Standard. Grants are available to undertake this work in line with specific guidelines. These can be up to a maximum of £10,000 available depending on the size of the workforce. These complement and supplement mainstream funding for basic skills. There is no charge to join or take part in the scheme. Following successful delivery of the action plan, a business can achieve the Basic Skills Employer Pledge Award.

    • Education Business Partnership (EBPs)
      • Education Business Partnerships (EBPs) are a branch of Careers Wales. Funded by the Welsh Assembly Government they support employers in developing partnerships with schools to help raise achievement and develop employability skills among young people.

    Learner information in Wales

    There are a number of funding options available to learners in Wales. The organisations, agencies and initiatives below may be able to help finance your learning.

    • General Funding
      • The Welsh Assembly Government provides funding and support for learners in Wales. Support varies, but is usually in the form of a grant or loan. Extra help is available for learners with special circumstances.

    • Graduate Opportunities (GO) Wales
      • Graduate Opportunities Wales (GO Wales) is an employability and higher level skills project that helps to better prepare students and graduates for work and their future career. If offers unpaid work experience and provides support for training and development of graduates employed in small and medium businesses. It is managed by Higher Education Funding Council Wales (HEFCW).

    • Further Education
      • Further education can mean the learning of basic skills such as numeracy or literacy, or work related training for commerce and industry. Further Education can lead onto higher education or university and is usually provided by local colleges or schools. Funding is available to help you make the most of further education opportunities. Some Local Authorities also provide their own support to learners. If you're 19 or over and studying full-time you might be charged tuition fees. Most further education colleges offer free or discounted tuition to learners from low income families, disabled learners or for learners on benefits.

    • Career Development Loan
      • If you are 18 or over you can apply for a Career Development Loan if you don't qualify for any other support, as long as the learning gives you the skills needed for an occupation, trade or profession. You can apply for a Career Development Loan if you are studying either full or part-time. Loans are available between £300 and £8,000. The Government pays the interest while you're learning and you don't start repaying until you finish. It will cover up to 80% of your course fees or 100% if you've been out of work for 3 months or more, plus the cost of books and other learning materials.

    • Individual Learning Account Wales
      • If you're over 18 with low qualifications, you can qualify for an Individual Learning Account to help finance your learning. The money does not have to be paid back.

    • Part-Time Further Education
      • If you're 19 or over and studying part-time, you might be charged tuition fees. Most further education colleges offer free or discounted tuition to learners from low income families, disabled learners or for learners on benefits.

    • Assembly Learning Grant for Further Education - ALG (FE)
      • Aims to encourage people aged 19 and over to continue with their learning. Can provide you with a payment of up to £1500 if you are studying full time or £750 if studying part time. Covers courses such as GCSEs, A-Levels, BTEC, NVQs and Essential Skills Courses.

    • Educational Maintenance Allowance
      • Available to those undertaking unpaid work-based learning aged 16, 17 or 18. Applies to those doing, or applying to do, at least 12 hours of guided learning on further education courses in school sixth forms, sixth form colleges and Further Education colleges, including a wide range of courses up to and including level 3, such as A-levels, GCSEs, NVQs and other vocational qualifications.

    • Careers Wales
      • Free careers information and advice for young people, adults, parents, employers and professionals in Wales.