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*Testimonials* The Habia Skills Academy (HSA) works closely with all its stakeholders. These close working relationships have enabled the HSA to obtain testimonials for us to share with you. So here is what people have to say about us. Read More

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Training in Wales · Learning Pathways 14-19 - developing young people for employment · Learning Pathways 14-19 aims to provide young people with a mix of academic and vocation courses to help them gain the skills that employers need and gain recognition for those skills. Read More

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Training in Scotland · National Training Programmes (NTPs) · Skills Development Scotland (SDS) works in partnership with private learning providers and colleges to deliver national training programmes (NTP). Read More

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*FAQ - Professional Registers and Passports in Beauty, Nails and Spa **What is a Professional Register?* A register is a list of professionals conducting professional job roles (in our case beauty, nails and spa) who are able to evidence that they meet set criteria to demonstrate competence. Read More

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  *Register of Qualified Educators* The below register highlights the number of people who are qualified educators having attended HSA Intensive Educator Training coursesand the venues of the courses.These peopleare now qualified inskills shortages areas. Read More

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. Read More

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