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*Testimonials* The Habia Skills Academy (HSA) works closely with all its stakeholders. These close working relationships have enabled the HSA to obtain testimonials for us to share with you. So here is what people have to say about us. Read More

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This page aims to providers educators with a detailed list of the qualificiations available across the UK.This page aims to providers educators with a detailed list of the qualificiations available across the UK.The qualifications you teach are based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS). Read More

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Are you considering a career in hair, beauty, nails or spa? Or are you already working in the industry, but looking to further your opportunities with training? Below you will find information on each industry within the hair and beauty sector, complete with an overview and downloadable content to help you decide your next step. Read More

Centres of Expertise > Monitoring Visits

What are Industry Assessor monitoring visits? All Habia Skills Academy (HSA) Centres of Expertise, as part of their agreement with HSA, must undertake an assessment visit from a HSA approved Industry Assessor. The assessor visit will be completed by a designated HSA Industry Assessor on the agreement of a suitable date with the Centre. Read More

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*FAQ - Professional Registers and Passports in Beauty, Nails and Spa **What is a Professional Register?* A register is a list of professionals conducting professional job roles (in our case beauty, nails and spa) who are able to evidence that they meet set criteria to demonstrate competence. Read More

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This page provides detail and clarity on the various qualifications available to learners with the hair, beauty and spa industry. Read More

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Industry Endorsements "What a great idea. For Virgin Active this will certainly facilitate recruitment. To know that members meet the clear levels of qualification outlined will help to shortlist." / Emma Williams //Assistant head of health and beauty for Virgin Active. Read More

Educator Training > Level 2 Qualification in All Hair Types (including African Type Hair units) Course 1

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Educator Training > Level 2 Award in Health and Safety Qualification for Salons

Level 2 Award in Health and Safety Qualification for Salons /The only Health & Safety course designed for the industry - by the industry. Read More

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The questions below are what are frequently asked. If you cannot find the answer to your question here and/or would like further information about the HSA please contact us.  *1. Read More

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Habia works closely with VTCT, the leading specialist awarding organisation for the hair and beauty sector and founder sponsor of the Habia Skills Academy (HSA). Read More

Educator Training > Level 2 Qualification in Relaxing All Hair Types Course 2

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Testimonials > Testimonials from Sponsors

Testimonials from Sponsors **   *Dawn Reilly - Marketing Director, Balmain Hair* /"Balmain Hair are truly honored and excited to be in partnership with HSA with this new initiative. We believe that delivering quality education which helps raise the standards and the profile of extensions in our industry is of supreme importance. Read More

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Centres of Expertise is a national network of learning providers delivering high quality programmes. The UK hair and beauty sector is globally renowned for its level of expertise in delivery, training and standards. Read More

Educator Training > Gel Polish Course

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Centres of Expertise > Expanding / Continuing Recognition

Expanding your recognition Once the Centre has been awarded Centre of Expertise recognition it may want to expand its recognition to another industry sector. The Centre will still need to complete the application process and receive an assessment visit. Read More