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*Testimonials* The Habia Skills Academy (HSA) works closely with all its stakeholders. These close working relationships have enabled the HSA to obtain testimonials for us to share with you. So here is what people have to say about us. Read More

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Training in Scotland · National Training Programmes (NTPs) · Skills Development Scotland (SDS) works in partnership with private learning providers and colleges to deliver national training programmes (NTP). Read More

Skills Initiatives and Programmes > Wales

Training in Wales · Learning Pathways 14-19 - developing young people for employment · Learning Pathways 14-19 aims to provide young people with a mix of academic and vocation courses to help them gain the skills that employers need and gain recognition for those skills. Read More

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Are you considering a career in hair, beauty, nails or spa? Or are you already working in the industry, but looking to further your opportunities with training? Below you will find information on each industry within the hair and beauty sector, complete with an overview and downloadable content to help you decide your next step. Read More

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Training in England The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) aims to help employers develop their businesses through improving the skills of their workforces. Skills Funding managers work closely with employers to help them find relevant training programmes. Read More

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This page provides educators with detail and information of where funding is available from throughout England. Funding in England Education in England is funded through a mixture of the Skills Funding Agency (SFA), Local Authorities (LA) and the Education Funding Agency (EFA). Read More

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The Habia Skills Academy understands that funding for education can be quite confusing and a maze to learners. This page provides detail and information on where funding is available from throughout the UK. Read More

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This page provides detail and clarity on the various qualifications available to learners with the hair, beauty and spa industry. Read More

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  *Register of Qualified Educators* The below register highlights the number of people who are qualified educators having attended HSA Intensive Educator Training coursesand the venues of the courses.These peopleare now qualified inskills shortages areas. Read More

Employers > Qualifications

This page provides employers with detailed information about the various qualifications in the hair, beauty and spa industry. Read More

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The questions below are what are frequently asked. If you cannot find the answer to your question here and/or would like further information about the HSA please contact us.  *1. Read More