Thursday, 11 August 2016 07:40

Apprenticeships Team at the Department for Education need your feedback

As many of you know the Institute for Apprenticeships will launch in April 2017, with a responsibility for regulating the quality of apprenticeships. Preparations are already well under way for its launch.

Trailblazers have been at the heart of the process of developing new apprenticeship standards so far. With this expertise in mind, we need your help – and the help of the employers you represent – to identify what we need to improve, rethink or create from scratch over the next 8 months to ensure the Institute for Apprenticeships is set on the right path for success from the start.

You can help us in two ways:
1. Ask your employers to fill in this online survey about their experience so far. The survey takes 10 minutes and will be open until 26 August. We are looking for at least 200 responses from as wide a range of employers and views as possible, all feedback will be anonymised.

2. Let your employers know we will be calling some of them to take part in a 15 minute interview. We will be randomly selecting a sample of chairs, facilitators and
employers to call for more in-depth feedback about experiences so far. If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed, please reply to let us know some convenient times within the next 2 weeks – we will then be in touch if we need you as part of the sample, which can also be anonymised if you wish.

Everyone's feedback is vital to ensure the Institute for Apprenticeships is set on the right path for success.

Thank you in advance.