Thursday, 18 August 2016 10:12

Electrolysis – The Resurgence

is electrolysis still the best kept secret in the profitable world of hair removal?

Electrolysis – The Resurgence

The vast majority of electrologists are full to capacity, which is why you never see them advertise...

Electrolysis is often described as 'Progressively Permanent' because it requires a series of treatments to achieve permanent results, as each follicle needs to be treated a few times throughout its cycle of growth.

In the 90's when IPL & laser treatments were being introduced for hair removal there was massive interest in the new and exciting technology and electrologists who tired of the somewhat lengthy, albeit permanent, electrolysis treatment began to offer these light treatments which showed such early promise. Non electrologists were trained in this new method and over a few years' hair removal was no longer purely the domain of the skilled and knowledgeable electrologist. However, IPL and laser practitioners are now realising they need to add electrolysis to their treatment menu to enable them to treat all hairs, on all skin colours, on all parts of the body, permanently.

The Sterex Academy has noticed a huge rise in the level of interest across their portfolio of courses from basic to advanced.

The Sterex Academy Level 3 basic electrolysis course is now permanently oversubscribed due to:
• Younger beauty therapists, who chose to opt out of electrolysis when studying, who now realise they need it for their career progression or to meet their clients' needs
• Laser/IPL practitioners wanting electrolysis so they can offer the complete hair removal service to their clients
• Nurses and other health care professionals wanting to have another string to their bow
• The clients themselves who have benefited from the treatment which has changed their lives, who want to train to help and treat others, particularly those from the transgender community

The Sterex Academy refresher courses for qualified but inexperienced electrologists, are also full to brimming. This is for a number of reasons;
• The more mature beauty therapist, trained over 10 years ago when electrolysis was compulsory but didn't practice it in the salon, who now realises that she has been turning away the very clients that want/need it.
• Salon owners who see a business opportunity and need their inexperienced electrologists up-skilling
• Electrologists who have really old machines and want to learn about new techniques, research and opportunities to progress into advanced electrolysis work
• Lecturers who need to up-skill for their CPD and to teach their students... to name a few.

There is a clear progression path for electrologists through the extensive and popular Sterex Academy blemish removal courses starting with red vein removal training. Blemish removal is also the entry point for medical doctors and dentists interested in the medical aesthetic sector who are looking to introduce these treatments.
The Sterex Academy believe, for the sake of clients' motivation and hair growth management, a variety of hair removal treatments should be offered by anyone claiming to be a hair removal expert BUT as the only permanent hair removal method, electrolysis must be included.

If you have a question about the benefits of electrolysis and why we are seeing a massive growth within our industry, contact Christine Hughes, Sterex Academy Manager, on 0121 708 4137 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.