Tuesday, 16 August 2016 11:25

Government Snips Tax Bill For Hair Industry Workers In Landmark Descision

Qualified hairdressers and barbers working in the industry across the UK are celebrating the news that they can now claim tax relief on their State Registration fees paid to the Hair Council.

The Hair Council has convinced Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to recognise the hair and barber industry as a profession. The HMRC has agreed to add the Hair Council to the Government's list of professional bodies approved for tax relief.

The landmark decision has been described by the Hair Council as another major step forward in gaining professional recognition for the industry. In the past, the Hair Council's State Registration fees paid by hairdressing and barbering salon owners were considered a taxable benefit and they had to pay extra National Insurance on top.

Now, due to the change, the fees are an allowable expense which can be used to reduce profits and thus reduce corporation tax. Hairdressers or barbers who pay the fee themselves can now claim income tax relief on the cost. Membership costs £36 to £42 a year for an individual qualified stylist or barber based on their qualification and experience within the industry.

It's the latest in a series of encouraging victories to raise the profile of the hairdressing and barbering industry in the UK, which have been led by the Hair Council and its political director and board member for Wales, Shirley Davis-Fox, MBE.

The Hair Council is campaigning for the mandatory State Registration of all qualified hairdressers and barbers in the UK to professionalise and regulate the industry. Anyone can currently set up in business in the UK and work with potentially dangerous chemicals as a hairdresser or barber without having the necessary qualifications. State Registration with the Hair Council currently is at the discretion of individual hairdressers and barbers.

Governments in Westminster, Cardiff and Northern Ireland are being pressed to introduce mandatory State Registration. An All Party Parliamentary Group for the Hair Industry has been formed at Westminster following lobbying by the Hair Council and Mrs Davis-Fox is now pressing for the same thing to happen at the National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff.

"The Hair and Barber Council is delighted that the HMRC has accepted our position relating to income tax relief in respect to annual subscriptions," said Mrs Davis-Fox. "This decision enforces the council's determination to get the hair and barbering industry professionally recognised and to continue working for mandatory State Registration.
It's another huge step forward for the industry and follows our successful political lobbying on behalf of members." Shirley Davis-Fox – professional recognition for the hair industry.

For more information, please contact The Hair Council on Tel: 020 8760 7010, Shirley Davis-Fox on Tel: 07974 958727 or Duncan Foulkes, public relations consultant, on Tel: 01686 650818.