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Habia launches skills academy for hair and beauty sector

Posted: Friday 06 January 2012

Habia is to develop a skills academy for the hair and beauty sector, with the support of awarding organisation VTCT.

The Habia Skills Academy (HSA), which has been made possible by a contribution from founder sponsor VTCT of a substantial donation over three years, will see the creation of a network of centres of excellence across the UK, with the HSA acting a virtual hub for guidance and information, whilst providing targeted specialist training for educators.

The specific objectives of the HSA will be:

  • An online academy and website, linking the HSA together and directing learners and employers to sources of training and funding for that training
  • A Centres of Excellence network, comprising the best learning providers in the UK
  • Increasing the number of educators in key areas with skills gaps, as identified by Habia's Skills Surveys. These include barbering, African type hair, laser/IPL, hair extensions, scalp conditions and raising awareness of the early signs of skin cancer. Educators will then be able to 'cascade' their skills onto others.
Skills academies work in partnership with other organisations across the education and training system, leading networks of high quality, specialist learning providers. The aim is to work together to address skills gaps and raise standards of learning delivery in skill shortage areas.

In particular, the HSA will work with employers and sector organisations, involving them in the design and delivery of learning so that it better meets their needs, and thus developing a workforce with the right skills for the future. The HSA will be part of Habia and represents a logical extension of its role as the government recognised industry authority and Sector Skills Body for the hair and beauty sector. As with Habia, the HSA will operate on a not-for-profit basis.

Alan Goldsbro, Habia CEO, said, "Our sector already has a reputation amongst other industries and government for the quality of its training provision, but the HSA will take that to an even higher level. It hasn't always been easy for employers and learners to find the training and funding from the right, accredited people in order to advance their businesses or their skills. The HSA will put everything in one place, where educators and training providers can easily promote their services."

He added, "With the current economic climate, there is a clear expectation from government that addressing training and skills issues has to be partnership of employers, educators and industry organisations - instead of the traditional top down, purely publicly funded approach. The HSA is not government funded, thanks to the substantial donation from VTCT to cover the start up costs, but we will be looking for additional sponsors, partners and contributors in the future to help support individual strands of work in key areas. Through doing so, the entire hair and beauty sector will have access to up to date, high quality learning provision across the UK."

Nic Robinson, Director of Business Development at VTCT, said, "As the specialist awarding organisation for the hair and beauty sector, VTCT has a track record of working closely with Habia to further develop the skills and qualifications needs of the sector. VTCT is delighted to continue this collaboration in establishing a Skills Academy to engage all stakeholders in the sector in improving the relevance and quality of training within the industry."

For more information on the HSA go to .

A list of FAQs is available here.

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