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Want learning to be fun and more flexible!

Then our e-learning resource U2Learn is just what you're looking for.

Available for level 2 Hairdressing, level 2 & 3 Beauty Therapy and the Diploma in Hair & Beauty Therapy Studies. U2Learn provides anytime, anywhere access to a wide range of interactive learning methods that enliven and engage students. U2Learn supports both learners and tutors. Learners benefit from subjects being brought to life and gain a more in-depth understanding of concepts, whereas tutors can monitor learners' understanding by tracking their progress as well as using U2Learn within lessons in a classroom environment.

What does U2Learn bring to teaching?

  • U2Learn compliments your lesson plan
  • The ability to track student progress and get overall view of students.
  • Saves hours of tutors own time creating their own resources
  • Flexible purchasing, either unit by unit or full packages with discounts and offers available.

Now each U2Learn product offers you flexibility in your purchase and can be bought as a complete package or per unit.