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Atmos-Spherics Collection

Atmos-Spherics Collection Dvd By Mahogany
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Reference: DVD-67
Author: Mahogany
A new series of techniques maintaining a strong attention to detail. Mahogany's organic development has been to start using circular rounded panels around the head. Disconnection, concave layering and free flowing veils have created a dramatic wearable collection.

The colouring techniques are reminiscent of lighting, creating atmosphere and mood. Colour moves from subtly enhancing the cut to creating a visible presence within the hair.

The Long
This haircut gives a soft sexy external length juxtaposed with strong internal lines. Sections pivot around the head and the side is cut with a soft A-line balance through one side. Sitting over this length is a round line which drops from the corner of the eye to the opposite shoulder to compliment this A-line feel. Through the heavier side flat internal layering and freehand slice cutting techniques give a long veil of length.

The Short
For this haircut a short versatile technique using a strong heavy graduation with defined tailored outlines and soft looser layering has been used. A circular panel through the internal shape gives the hair movement and freedom creating a veil of length through the back.

Available: PAL English, Spanish, Italian & Japanese  - PLEASE SPECIFY AT TIME OF PURCHASE. English will be sent as a default.
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