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Due to developments, emerging trends and changing regulatory/ legislative/ technological requirements within the Hair and Beauty Sectors, it’s important we review and update the National Occupational Standards (NOS), NOS Suites and related products to meet industry needs. We need assistance from those within the Hair and Beauty Sectors to help us reflect, develop and shape the Standards.


Habia/SkillsActive invites you to support the Beauty Aesthetics National Occupational Standards Review.


Early 2018, Habia/SkillsActive with support from Key Stakeholders launched a project to review the National Occupational standards (NOS) in Beauty Aesthetics.

Following an initial Steering group meeting in August 2018, industry experts were recruited to assist Habia/SkillsActive to redraft the existing National Occupational Standards (NOS) in Beauty Aesthetics.

The Consultation survey can be accessed here

For access to the Beauty Aesthetic Standards select each NOS below:

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SKABA1 – Removing skin imperfections using electro-cautery
SKABA2 – Using equipment to perform photo rejuvenation of the skin and hair growth reduction
SKABA3 – Removing or fading tattoos using laser or energy based systems
SKABA4 – Using micropigmentation techniques to enhance facial features
SKABA5 – Using advanced micropigmentation techniques
SKABA6 – Performing rejuvenation of the skin through superficial skin peeling treatments
SKABA7 – Using radio frequency to rejuvenate the skin and improve body contour
SKABA8 – Performing rejuvenation of the skin using micro needling treatments

Overarching National Occupational Standards
SKABA9 – Maintain safe and effective methods of working for the delivery of Beauty Aesthetic treatments
SKABA10 – Consult, plan and prepare for Beauty Aesthetic treatments

The Consultation period will be available between 14.12.18 – 11.01.19.

Additional to the online Consultation, Habia/SkillsActive will be conducting ‘Telephone’ Surveys. Please contact Tracey Holt, Standards and Qualifications Project Manager for details:
P: 0845 230 6080
DD: 01302774930

If Beauty Aesthetics is not your area of expertise, please feel free to pass the link to your colleagues or associates:

We welcome your involvement and contributions to support Beauty Aesthetic practices and the shaping of future Beauty Aesthetic Qualifications.

Thank you in advance, your feedback is important to ensure we are meeting the needs of the Beauty Aesthetic Industry.

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