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Eco Hair & Beauty’s Sustainable Salons

A 4 seater salon that adopted Eco Hair & Beauty’s suggestions would save over £5300 year, save 24150 kWh energy and 286 thousand litres of water!

Get a Sustainable Certificate for you and your salon! *Free in 2019*

Working with industry leaders and the All Party Political Group (includes Habia, Hair Council, NHF, VTCT) they’ve created TWO certifications.

1. Sustainable Stylist Certificate

2. Sustainable Salon Certificate

Complete their virtual salon training to get the Stylist certificate. Once most of the staff have completed this, the salon manager can complete the super quick and easy Salon Certificate form. Do both and you will have a Stylist Certificate each and one Salon Certificate to put on the wall for everyone to be proud of! We promote salons with the certification and early adopters may get free/discounted products to help them save energy and water.

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