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Educator Training Courses

Outstanding technical delivery leading to a recognised qualification.

Our Educator Training courses aim to reduce identified skill gaps by increasing the number of educators with specialist technical expertise.

The programmes are designed to provide educators and training providers with the advanced skills to deliver and assess high level training and focus on three areas:

  • Specialist technical skills
  • Developing and building commercial training in teaching
  • Developing inspirational education techniques to motivate learners

The programmes are ideal for those who want to teach and cascade their skills to learners or who want to be the best in their field.

Up-skilled educators are encouraged to become assessors and verifiers in these skill gaps.

Along with raising learners’ commercial understanding and providing inspirational education techniques, the Intensive Educator Training programmes are being delivered by acknowledged industry expert trainers who will inspire and enthuse educators on each course.

All courses can be offered and tailored to meet the needs of individual training providers and salons, at a time and place to suit any requirements!

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