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Elle for Elle – Dignity after Distress

Elle for Elle is a charitable foundation in the UK supporting women and girls who have escaped domestic abuse and are now in a women’s refuge. Currently there are 305 women’s refuges in the UK, housing on average 12 women per site. In most cases bathrooms are shared per three women offering 4 bathrooms per site. That’s potentially 1220 bathrooms to fill in the UK and 132 being in the Northwest. 

Their campaign “Dignity after Distress” is just that, helping vulnerable women maintain some dignity by keeping the bathrooms and cupboards of refuges stocked up with beauty products so that they can at least take a hot shower and use some decent products whilst keeping personal hygiene private without feeling more degraded. 

Elle for Elle donate to the refuges directly which is so important, as it means products are never filtered down. They have built up strong relationships with the Management team at all the refuges and to date they’ve donated over 20,000 products to vulnerable women.

Elle for Elle are based in Liverpool and they are also supported by local businesses such Boohoo, Eurocamp and the staff at Coronation Street. 

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