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Employer Support

Habia delivers a range of solutions for businesses within the hair and beauty industry

Habia has a range of material to help support your business – covering all aspects of salon and spa operations – from health and safety and client care to employment law and codes of practice. We can advise you on all aspects of your organisation – whether it is training, development or growth – so you can concentrate on the important business of being successful.

Health & Safety

Ensure your business is complaint with the latest Health & Safety rules and regulations. Habia offer a range of service and products from free information, advice & guidance to a health & safety membership scheme, consultation services and training for salon employees.

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Employment Law

Habia has guidance available that ensures that you don’t let employment law get in the way of running a successful business.

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Apprenticeships provide employers with the opportunity to train staff in their preferred house style, creating ready-made professional at the end of the Apprenticeship who can make a valuable and immediate contribution to the business.

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Pre-16 Restrictions

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