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Habia Approved Provider NEU Hair 4 Men

Get your training approved by Habia.

Stand out amongst providers in your local area during the student recruitment process and differentiate yourself from other providers in your area as offering quality recognised training. Use the Habia logo in the promotion of your centre and gain a certificate and plaque for display in you reception area to show your training has been accredited.

Habia will also work in partnership with you to market and promote your centre. It’s a really simple process to get endorsed and we require copies of some documentation most of it you will have to hand and then it is quality checked by an independent verifier prior to being awarded.   

Habia would like to congratulate our new endorsed providers. 

Habia Approved Provider NEU Hair 4 Men LTD in Southampton. Creative Director, Stuart Mundy is on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide training programmes for an innovative, non-surgical hair replacement system for men.

Instagram @neuhair4men 

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