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Habia Champions

Introducing… Habia Champions!
Habia are awarding industry specialists with a new accolade. We intend to work alongside Habia Champions to shape the future of the industry together, ensuring we are representing graduates and professionals as well as those in education.

A warm welcome to our new Habia Champion…
Liam Hamilton is the owner of Hamilton’s barbershop in Redruth, Cornwall and co-founder of Armour to Barber.
Liam become a barber at 19 and then went on to serve in the Coldstream Guards – an infantry unit famous for being the oldest regiment in the British Army. “While undergoing multiple tours of Northern Ireland and Iraq, I always carried my barbering tools with me,” he said. “The brilliant thing about barbering is that it’s a skill/art that will always be needed, no matter where you are on the planet.”
After 21-years of service, Liam returned to the barbershop to perfect his skills, become fully qualified, and build a name for himself in the barbering community: “It was always my plan to carry on barbering after serving in the Guards. I think it’s because I liked the idea of being my own boss,” he said.
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