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Habia Endorsement

Get your training approved by Habia.

Stand out amongst providers in your local area during the student recruitment process and differentiate yourself from other providers in your area as offering quality recognised training. Use the Habia logo in the promotion of your centre and gain a certificate and plaque for display in you reception area to show your training has been accredited.

Habia will also work in partnership with you to market and promote your centre. It’s a really simple process to get endorsed and we require copies of some documentation most of it you will have to hand and then it is quality checked by an independent verifier prior to being awarded.   

CPD Endorsed Hairdreams are proud to introduce to the Uk their Microlines system for clients suffering from hair loss or simply just wanting more volume where hair extensions aren’t able to provide this.

The Microlines method integrates a microfine, virtually invisible hair net into the clients existing hair. A special bonding ring made from crystal polymer material is gently worked into the client’s hair. Unlike a wig or integration it enables the scalp to breath and the additional high grade human hair feels like the clients own enabling them to lead a happy life and enjoy doing activities they can’t usually do whilst wearing a wig. There are 10 different systems readily available and custom designs are possible to enable you to offer a bespoke style to suit your client’s needs. 

They have training dates in 2019 for the system throughout the UK. Please contact their UK technical Consultant Sarah Sullivan on: 07566294857 or via email to: for more information.

Instagram: hairdreams_uk

If you are interested in Habia Endorsement, please email for more information

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