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Welcome to the Habia Business Academy!

There is a lot of extremely helpful and exciting information here at your fingertips be it bite sized video snippets or pages of documents and you may be wondering where to start. There are different levels of access, via subscription, depending on your need so have a look at the ‘taster’ sessions of the three levels which will give you an indication of the level you need.

The whole purpose of our Business Academy is to be accessible as and when you need it. It will be there as part of your on-going development and we recommend that you spend regular amounts of time on improving your skills each and every week. It will be there when you’re struggling on a particular area of your business and when you need to focus on specifics.

No matter what you choose to select, whether it’s a video, audio, a report or if you’ve decided to go straight for the Virtual Manager’s help, just make sure that you TAKE ACTION at the end of it. Many people have access to the latest techniques and strategies for improving their business but never take any action about it – make sure that is not you.

We hope you enjoy the Habia Business Academy as well as benefit from the business skills training; after all being a great hairdresser or beauty therapist is no guarantee of business success!

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