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Health & Safety

Customers visit you because of the skills or service you offer. They will not return if your business doesn’t take care of the small details.

Uncleanliness, sloppiness, an unprofessional attitude to their care and wellbeing – these are the things that customers notice. And these are the things you can bet they will tell friends and family about.

But your customers are also your best advertisement. You don’t need to pay a fortune on telling the world what a professional, hygienic and efficient service you offer through expensive adverts when a happy customer will willingly do it for free.

Habia, in partnership with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC), is the Lead Authority for the hair and beauty industries in the UK for health and safety.

For salon inspections and enforcement of health and safety law, all local authorities across the UK follow criteria set by Habia and DMBC, and have access to agreed policy and advice related to safety enforcement, bringing consistency to a system that previously differed according to region.

We offer a full consultation service or you can select products and options as required related to health and safety.

Health & Safety Pack for Hairdressing & Barbering

Habia have produced a Health and Safety Pack providing a one stop solution for salons in order to be compliant and stay up to date with the latest health and safety legislation.
The pack provides guidance on all relevant laws, covering everything you what you need to know and how to adhere to it with relevance to the industry. The pack is designed by industry experts and recommended by Environmental Health Officers.

View H&S for Hairdressing

Health & Safety Pack for Beauty & Nails

Ensure your business is complying with Health & Safety laws and legislation. The pack tells you what you need to know and the clear uncluttered layout makes the information easy to read and understand. Specifically for the Beauty & Nails industry, this is all you need to stay compliant.

View H&S pack for Beauty and Nails

Health & Safety materials & guidance

Habia offer a range of other health and safety materials and guidance, which will help you and your business to help improve performance, protect staff and clients, and help boost your reputation amongst potential customers. Save time and money in health and safety support, to keep your staff and customers safe and your business working within the law.

View all Health & Safety Packs and Solutions

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