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Influence the future of Beauty Aesthetic

Do you want the chance to influence the future of Beauty Aesthetic practices and the shaping of Beauty Aesthetic Qualifications? Why not use your knowledge and experience to help us raise skills and standards in the sector.

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Beauty Aesthetics in Laser and Light, Skin rejuvenation, Micro pigmentation and Electrocautery have been re-drafted by a team of industry experts and are now ready to review! We welcome your involvement and contributions, here’s how!

For details of the Consultation process, please access:    

To access the survey direct:

This questionnaire is available from Monday 17th December 2018 until Friday 11th January 2019. Feedback from this UK wide consultation will then inform a second drafting of the NOS, with the new versions of the documents becoming ‘live’ early February 2019.

Additional to the online Consultation, Habia/SkillsActive will be conducting ‘Telephone’ Surveys.

For further information email or telephone our team on 08452306080 or 01302774930


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