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When Habia sign an agreement with a hair, beauty, nails or spa representatives in a new country, they become a Habia International Partner.

Habia International Partners franchise the Habia name, authority and reputation in their own country. This allows them access to the Habia name, the Habia logo and enables them to appoint new satellite centres who can, in turn, award the HIQs.

Habia International Partners have an opportunity to meet to share ideas, solve problems and meet with Habia personnel to update their knowledge of the Habia family.

In this way the network can continue to grow and broadcast the Habia reputation for quality and high standards in qualifications. This also gives international partners the authorisation to award Habia International Qualifications (HIQs).

Becoming a Habia International Partner is much more than just approval to award the certificate. It means a continued close connection to Habia themselves, to the other partners around the globe and to learners, professionals, product suppliers and employees in many other international locations.

The benefits in summary

Attract more learners by providing the highest quality training
Habia will licence international partners to deliver world recognised standards and qualifications.

Lead your field nationally
Habia adopt a one partner per nation policy.

Gain international recognition
HIQ’s are based on UK Professional Standards accredited by government and industry.

Deliver quality and consistency
Provided by HIQ’s which are independently verified qualifications and processes.

Further support you learners by providing international employment opportunities
Removing the need for any local exams to be taken.

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