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International Standards

The UK hair and beauty industries are held in high regards internationally in terms of their creativity and high standards, which is a reflection of individual talent and the education and training system that helped develop some of the UK’s biggest names.

What is more, in terms of training and development, the standards based framework and the National Vocational Qualification system are held in high esteem internationally.

As a result, more and more countries are looking to have their people trained to the same standards as the UK.

A Habia partner, gains the right to use the UK standards in their own country, as well as have access to all the support and development that Habia offers.

Licencing Standards

Habia licenses approved partners to deliver its standards and qualifications in their home nations. These international partners then become responsible for delivering and implementing the Habia standards and qualifications throughout their own country.

With a policy of one partner per nation, Habia looks for passion and commitment in an organisation that works nationally to lead the field.

VTCT verifies the quality of training to ensure that it meets Habia’s standards.

Quality Assurance and Verification

International organisations want to work with Habia because of the high standards it represents.

To maintain these standards, international qualifications are assessed and quality assured by the Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT), which is an independent awarding body in the UK which specialises in hair and beauty qualifications.

Both Habia and VTCT visit the International Partner regularly to carry out assessment and verification visits. The Habia/VTCT verifiers will ensure that Habia International Partners and their satellite centres are upholding the Habia standards and working to the correct procedures and work plans.

This on-going observance of the standards sends a strong message to students and employees who are assured that a HIQ certificate is a valuable and worthwhile qualification.

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