Selling Skills Downloadable Pack


Selling Skills Downloadable Pack


Increase your retails sales and your businesses profitability. If you don’t sell to your clients, then someone else will! Over £1.5 billion of hair and beauty products are sold every year in the UK. What percentage is your business getting? Ensure you are getting your share of this lucrative market by using the Selling Skills workbook from Habia as a training tool in your salon.

You will be able to develop the skills of yourself and your team to:

  • Recognise sales opportunities
  • Sell with confidence and ease
  • Create sales orientated consultations
  • Perform effective product demonstrations
  • Overcome price objections
  • Exceed sales targets and close more sales
  • Reap the financial rewards of successful selling
  • Create satisfied happy clients who value your professional advice
  • And most importantly enjoy professional selling.


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