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Skcin launch hard-hitting campaign for Skin Cancer Awareness Month


Skcin launch hard-hitting campaign for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Throughout Skin Cancer Awareness Month (May) national skin cancer awareness charity, Skcin will be sharing daily facts, advice and the battle scars of brave melanoma and skin cancer patients in a bid to get the ‘skinderella’ of all cancers taken more seriously by the public, by schools, by employers, by industry and by government – by highlighting the importance of prevention and early detection to save lives.

This campaign is very much about generating an impact that will hopefully make people think twice about the severity of skin cancer and the consequences our decisions regarding sun safety can have. It’s also a nod to government with whom are equally difficult to engage with on the matter, despite our best efforts and the offer of robust, quality and measurable solutions to help them improve the nation’s health and mitigate future costs for the NHS”.

Now is the time to take action – pre-schools, primary schools and employers of outdoor workers all have a duty of care to ensure they implement a robust sun safety policy and educate their employees and our future generations on the prevention and early detection of skin cancer. Schools and workplaces can ‘get with the programme’ by accessing the comprehensive free accreditation programmes and resources available at: 

Visit and download our skin cancer awareness pack.

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