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Welcome to our New Champion Maria Malone Guerrbaa

We are so excited to welcome Maria to our growing list of Champions. Maria started her career as a portrait artist in Limerick with a dream for film and TV life. She later left for London and studied in Camden Town in CBMA. After years learning from experts in their field Maria discovered face and body painting and realised that her love of portraitists and art could come alive on the faces and bodies of real people and discovered she had the ability to transform people into celebrities and real life animals.

Her incredible talent and artistry has taken her global and her work has been showcased around the world. From This Morning to The One Show and Today in the USA, to Spain and Germany to around the world. Today Maria provides beautifully artistic designs for film and TV and teaches her skills to transform your own face. Maria is also a judge at the UMAE competition.

IG: mariamalone1122

FB: MakeUpArtistMariaMaloneGuerrbaa

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